Mini Gun

Suggested Length: 7’4 to 9’0
Suggested Width: 19 to 22
Fin set-up: Tri fin
Tail options: pin
Wave size: Medium to Big!
Advanced surfers only


- Gunny template
- More rocker
- center of width is 2 inches in front of center
- Break Nose
- Lower Rocker
- Medium tapered rails
- Bottom Contour: Slight vee in the nose to a slight roll to slight vee off tail

Shapers Comments:

This board is for BIG waves! It takes a while before shapers can make these kinds of boards, you really have to know what you are doing! I learned form the best shapers and surfers in the world. These types of boards are very critical because the surfer is risking their life. Your equipment can’t fail!

How to order your custom board!!!

comes with:

-Vercelli Graphics

-Clear resin

-The core of the board shows through and is white

-Fins are included, choice of: FCS, Future, or Glass-On

CONTACT : or call me 808-222-8058

for any questions or orders .

Vercellishapes Italia : Andrea Corrias +39-3406579141