Q&A With Marcello Vercelli

Whats up Vercelli?  Tell me about yourself.  Where are you from?

I am From Playa Del Rey Ca, near Venice Beach. I have lived in Hawaii for almost 25 years now. I currently live on O’ahu, Lucky to live Hawaii.

How old are you and how long have you been surfing?

I’m a dinosaur… I have been surfing for 30 years strong!

Why did you become a  shaper?

I grew up during the time when surfing was blowing up to a whole other level. Everbody was becoming a shaper, as a result not every board was that great. It was holding my surfing back. I finally went on to the shaping room, it came naturally to me. The very next day I called every surfer I knew. From that day on I have only been riding my designs. I have been shaping for 18 years now.

What do you like most about shaping? What Makes you different?

I love making boards that make people better surfers. I really pay attention to detail, its no joke. To me every board is important. I look at things a little different. I have a hardcore Surf, Skate, Punk Rock background.
Longboarding or Shortboarding?
Both, when the time is right. I grew up shortboarding, but thanks to Hap Jacobs, he made me ride a longboard. He taught me to shape them right.

What is your favorite powertool?

Skil 100 door planer, yeah its a door planer. Its tattooed on my arm.

Who are your favorite surfers?

- Larry Bertleman
- Buttons Kaluhiokalani
- Mark Liddle
- Johnny Boy Gomes
- Jay Adams
- Jaime O’brien
- Ronnie Burns – R.I.P

Remember, Style is everything.

What is your favorite Break?

That is a hard question, I can’t give you my all time favorite, but maybe my top 3!

-Gillis Jetty in Playa Del Rey,  my childhood break, its a left.

- Rocky point

- Ala Moana Bowls

As for the other spots, its on a need to know basis and you don’t need to know!

What is some your favorite music?

I love Punk Rock! My favorite bands are: The Germs, The Bags, The Wierdos, Black Flag, The Dills, Wasted Youth; I used to rodie for them with Jay Adams and the lead singer is one of my best friends. I’m also part of the original Suicidal Boys; Suicidal Tendencies. Fist of Fury from Venice, they are some of my best old skool friends. I also love Hawaiian music. Starting with Gabby “Pops” Pahunui, Peter Moon, Kapalama, Cecilio and Kapono. Hey, and don’t forget about Roots Reggae!

When you aren’t surfing or shaping, how do you spend your time?

I love to skate, I grew up in Dogtown. My favorites are empty pools, skate surfing driveways with Shogu Kubo and Jeff Hartsel. Im really lucky to be a part of the Royal Hawaiian pool service…unlimited pools. I even have my own skateboard model with Z-Flex skateboards. It is called the Islander. Art is something else I enjoy , it takes my mind off of everything. I created alot of graphics for my boards. Here is a link to my artwork.

What is your inspiration?

Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, and my beautiful wife Joy. Mahalo for taking the time to read this. I want to thank Duke Kahanamoku, the Hui O He’e Nalu and all of my friends and family.